Mt. Oddie P300

Wed, Aug 1, 2018
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This was the longest distance I'd ever driven in one day, just under 800 miles and taking almost 13hrs. I was driving from Telluride, CO, where I had spent the last week, to Bridgeport, CA for the start of the Challenge two days later. I had planned to break up the drive over the two days to do some peakbagging enroute, but I found Utah hot and smokey, Nevada hot and thunderstorm-y. I paused in Ely, NV for about an hour for dinner & gas, then made a brief stop in Tonopah around sunset to tag Mt. Oddie on the northeast side of town. With the Jeep, it was a near drive-up, a rough, rocky road to the summit that took high-clearance and 4H. Rather than try to finagle the last tight turn, I simply parked and walked about 40yds to the antenna-topped summit. It was smokey from the CA fires and a bit breezy, but still warm at 7:45p. I gassed up in Tonopah before leaving, then drove into CA as far as Sagehen Summit on SR120. It was the first time the temperature had dipped below 65F since I'd left Colorado in the morning. Now past 9:30p, I pulled off the highway and set up camp in the back of the Jeep. It was a good day, save for the speeding ticket I got on my way into Ely that afternoon...


Kirk D comments on 08/12/18:
Tough luck re. the speeding ticket. We have joked for years about how fast does one have to drive in Nevada to get a speeding ticket ? If you had Nevada plates instead of CA plates, then 'maybe' a warning, bit the CA plates seem to be a target out there ? Enjoyed the photos from the 2018 SC, look forward to the Trip Reports !
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