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Apr 14, 2019
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I was traveling back to San Jose with my wife, passing through the Carrizo Plain National Monument to give her a chance to see the wildflowers on display there. I had passed through 12 days earlier and hoped they might still be at their peak, but alas, the flowers were probably about half of what they were earlier. Still, it made for a very pretty drive. We actually drove through the adjacent Elkhorn Plain where I'd seen excellent displays, right up against the Temblor Range. I made a couple of stops to tag a few points in the Panorama Hills. These were pretty short 15min roundtrip efforts, one at each end of this small range.

Mike Martin comments on 04/23/19:
Hey Bob - glad you got to see the wildflowers in the Carrizo Plain - my wife and I were in Morro Bay earlier this month, and that's all everyone could talk about. Wish we could have seen them - thanks for posting pics.

Question - down here in SoCal we had an incredible 'super migration' of butterflies - the Painted Lady Butterfly. They're heading north to Oregon. Did you see any of the migration in the Carrizo Plain, or elsewhere? They should have been there by now.
Yes, they've been everywhere. I've killed them in the hundreds over the past few months driving on the highways. One clever bird swooped in to grab one off the grill while I was stopped getting gas.
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