Peak 1,601ft 2x P1K

Dec 25, 2022

With: Ryan Burd

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previously climbed Nov 10, 2014

A Christmas morning quickie with Ryan before heading back to the AirBnB to open presents. I'd been to this P1K 8yrs earlier on my first visit to La Quinta, impressed with the collection of rugged summits that surrounds this part of the town, called La Quinta Cove. We parked at the popular Cove Trailhead on the south side of La Quinta, less than a mile from the summit, and went up from there. We found a good use trail that goes partway up the West Ridge, then followed the continuing ridge up when the trail went off to traverse the slope towards the north. A party of 6-7 bighorn ewes watched us from above, moving only slightly to the side when we passed by, apparently fairly accustomed to people. One of them had a tag on her ear and a radio collar around her neck. We took just under an hour to reach the summit with views of La Quinta and the surrounding communities. The Salton Sea and the agricultural enterprises of the Coachella Valley are to the SE. The higher peaks of the Santa Rosa Mtns are to the south and west. John Vitz's register from 2007 is still at the summit in a glass jar, with many, many entries. On the descent, we took a loose gully directly off the west side that took us back down to our starting point in an hour. The large parking lot, with only two other cars when we started out, now had several dozen - seems folks need to get their Christmas exercise early before gorging themselves later in the day...

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