Peak 1,660ft P300

Wed, Nov 27, 2019

With: Jackie Burd

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It had rained most of the night as I slept in the jeep somewhere near Buellton. I was on my way to Santa Barbara to pick up my daughter to take her to my sister's place in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. She wanted to do a hike with me on the way, but I didn't hold out much hope for the weather - it was forecast to rain all day. We had rain gear with us, so I picked out a short hike that we could do even in a downpour. This unnamed summit is th highpoint of Hillcrest Open Space Preserve, a small parcel of undeveloped land between Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks. We parked at the end of Grissom St and were happy to find the rain giving us a break almost as soon as we started off. It would start again conveniently, just as we were finishing. The trails were wet from the earlier rain, leaving that unhelpful mud that sticks readily to the bottom of your boots, growing thicker until it sloughs off suddenly, only to begin growing a new layer. Because the rain had been cooperative, we hiked the 3/4mi distance to the highpoint, then continued to the lower south summit about the same distance away. It had been some time since Jackie had me to herself in person and she had many topics to discuss - school, friends, relationships, trials and tribulations and all manner of things. At one point she was talking about geology students, grossly over-generalizing about how they dress, and commented that she could have made a great geology student. She picked up a piece of sandstone and declared, "See? Sedentary!" I suggested she stick to engineering.

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