Peak 1,700ft

Fri, Nov 26, 2021
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One of my crummiest and weakest outings, ever. I had some business to attend with Grandma in San Diego, and it wasn't until 11a that I was back at the house and looking for something to do. It was far too warm today, in the low 80's, and it wouldn't take long to sap my will to continue. Without proper research, I went to the peakbagger app to find something with more than 300ft of prominence. "Stonebridge Waypoint 1177" showed up southeast of Poway, listed as having more than 500ft of prominence. I went to the Sycamore Canyon TH and made the short hike from there. A singletrack trail leads to the utility/fire road network in the Sycamore Canyon Open Space Preserve. I couldn't find the peak on my GPSr, which meant it wasn't in the LoJ database, a point I forgot to check. Later I found out why - this unassuming summit has very little prominence. It is connected to Fortuna Mtn, far to the southwest, by a series of snakey ridgelines. This point itself has less than 100ft of prominence. Boo. Ok, what else is around, now that I'm here? The nearest unclimbed LoJ summit was Peak 1,700ft, less than a mile to the northeast, less than 300ft of prominence. I could have used the same Sycamore Canyon TH, and probably should have, but I thought I'd do it the easier way from SR67 on its northeast side. This turned into an 8-10mi drive because Scripps Poway Pkwy does not connect to Sycamore Canyon Rd, just a bridge going over it. Found this out after I'd already started driving. I'm thinking this isn't my day. I parked off the side of SR67 and hiked up to Peak 1,700ft in about 25min. There is no trail, per se, but there are animal trails through the brush that makes this a light bushwhack - nothing serious, but I'd recommend long pants. The summit was kinda cool, composed of several large rocks, nothing more than class 2, but no graffiti or broken bottles, and neat views overlooking the area around Woodson and Iron Mtns. Feeling better with some success, even if I was a bit warm, I drove south about 10mi to make an attempt on Peak 1,108ft in an El Cajon neighborhood. Michael Sullivan had provided a track on PB and written a description that seemed simple enough. In following his track, I came to find that since his 2019 visit, a chainlink fence has been erected around the perimeter, signed for No Trespassing, none of which shows up in the streetview or satellite views. Because I was surrounded by homes on either side, and a dad and daughter were playing basketball in the street, I didn't want to go over the fence. I was done with the day and wanted to end it before more badness ensued. I would go back to Grandma's and eat Thanksgiving leftovers instead - something I could stomach more easily at this point...

Brian Browning comments on 12/07/21:
Bob, you picked the best route. Back in 2016, I parked off the Sycamore Canyon OSR road and hiked the jeep road from the south to the summit. On the way back, I got stung in the forehead by an Africanized bee and ended up taking an ambulance ride to the hospital. On the hike in I wondered why there were phone numbers posted 'In case of emergency." I found out why the hard way. Not my best day.
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