Peak 1,821ft P500

Nov 29, 2019

With: Jackie Burd

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Thanksgiving was over, bodies were strewn about my sister's house, still in a turkey comotose or perhaps too much imbibing and staying up late. Jackie and I were up by 7:30a to pack up and get ready to head back to Santa Barbara. My brother-in-law had been up for several hours already, and after cleaning up after his many guests, was busy preparing a huge pot of turkey soup with the two carcasses that were mostly consumed the previous day. He's a saint. Jackie wasn't too keen on hanging out more with the relatives so we said goodbye and headed out before the rest of the dead began to arise. She wasn't eager to part ways with Dad just yet, so we planned to spend much of the day hanging out, buying her some Christmas lights for her apartment, fixing a few things and of course a hike. The weather was chill but sunny with crystal clear skies after the previous two days of rain. The hike would be a short one because we expected muddy conditions, much like we had two days earlier. We were not disappointed. The unnamed peak was only a few miles from the previous one, also in Thousand Oaks, within the North Ranch OSP. I found the peak on PB with an easy starting point in one of the adjacent neighborhoods. The Bowfield Trail is probably the easiest way to the summit, the hike less than half a mile each way, taking only 25min to reach the top. Our boots were covered in sticky mud almost from the start, building up "mud snowshoes" that were both annoying and comical. There is a neat little view bench at the summit to which we availed ourselves, taking in the clear views and a spectular one of the fresh snow to the north in the Los Padres NF. We had the place to ourself until we were back at the TH when a family of 6-7 were just starting up. They looked at our feet with dismay and asked if it got better further up. We laughed and responded, "Nope, pretty much like this all the way!" They continued up anyway, but came back down less than two minutes later, all their shoes looking pretty much like ours, laughing with us now. They headed back home, saying they would find something less messy to do...

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