Peak 2,380ft

Mon, May 30, 2022
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This was a quick outing to the Iron Mtn Preserve east of Poway. It is one of the most popular hiking spots in the entire county, and the trailhead off SR67 is busy almost every day, and almost any time of day. It's not one of my favorites in San Diego for this reason. I don't mind most of the people, mind you, really just those that think it's ok to play music aloud while on the trails - there were about a half dozen of those folks out today, and for some reason rap music is the most popular genre. Sigh.

I was headed to unnamed Peak 2,380ft, called Wildwood Mtn on PB. The hike is about 2mi each way, nearly in a straight line heading east from the TH. There are lots of folks encountered coming and going until a trail junction where I turned off the main Iron Mtn Trail. The gain is under 1,000ft, and the last half mile to the summit is cross-country through chaparral. The brush isn't as bad as it first appears. The going is tame up to an intermediate point soon after leaving the trail network. Dropping to a saddle with Peak 2,380ft has the heaviest brush, well over head level but not so dense as to be difficult. Once past the saddle, the going gets easier again, all the way to the summit. I took an hour to reach the highpoint, the last 25min of that was on the cross-country portion. There are nice views north to the Ramona area, southwest to Iron Mtn, and northwest to Ramona Overlook. There was a geocache in a rusty blue tin dating to 2018. The summit sees about 1 or 2 visitors a year. I returned via much the same route, finishing at the end of the second hour. That would be all for today. I needed to get back for family time in Rancho Bernardo...


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