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Quartz Hill

Oct 21, 2021
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Peak 2,740ft previously climbed Oct 20, 2021


I had driven to Southern California to do a hike with Barbara Lilley and a few friends the day before, and then some additional summits by myself afterwards. I'd camped in the area that night, and was up early to do a few more peaks before heading back to San Jose.

Peak 2,740ft

I had camped atop this summit, so this was just some stat padding to claim a second ascent the next day. I wandered over to the summit rock and climbed it well before sunrise. I had noticed the previous evening that there is a summit of near-equal height only 1/3mi to the west. It has a spot elevation of 2,739ft, only a foot lower than the LoJ contour averaged elevation of the one I was parked on, the two connected by a high saddle. Knowing this was well within the margin of error, I decided I should visit both, to be sure which was the higher summit. I drove between the two, parking below the second on the north side where the road comes closest, then hiked steeply up the slope to the top. The GPSr recorded an identical elevation, so they should probably be climbed in conjunction to cover your bases. The western one was a more interesting summit anyway, with a rocky top that has a bit of class 3 if you look for it.

Peak 3,853ft

This summit lies on the north side of SR14 and the Sierra Pelona Valley, within the Angeles NF, though mostly surrounded by rural homes. My route from the east goes through property owned by LADWP and signed for no trespassing. A better but longer route would come from the west, via the PCT which comes within a mile of the summit on that side - all legal, too. Wish I'd figured that out beforehand. Anyway, it's an easy summit from any direction, mostly grass-covered and open to cattle grazing. Nice views from the top.

Peak 3,788ft

I was a bit concerned about access to this one on the south side of the freeway and Soledad Canyon. I shouldn't have been, because there is a very legal route from the southeast off Aliso Canyon Rd. Instead, I took the shorter route from the north where some rural homesteads are found, which also worked without issues. I parked off Cedarcroft Rd before the last handful of homes along the road. There were some barking dogs, but that's about it. No fences, no signs. The cross-country route is steep but not brushy, and it took only 20min to reach the top, again nice views. I left a register here before returning the same way.

Quartz Hill

I drove back out to Antelope Valley on my way home, stopping at this small hill west of SR14, between Palmdale and Lancaster. As others have noted, there is a home at the summit, part of a gated community called the Los Hermanos Estates. The closest driving access is from the south via 40th St. West, which leads to a set of water tanks surrounded by fencing to the west of the summit. I drove a spur off this road to the south side of the summit where a locked gate leads to a clearing used to store gravel and other roadway materials. The gate could be scaled with some effort, but I found a convenient hole already cut in the fence. This allowed me to walk up to the edge of the home's property at its highest point - pretty much right at the front door. I stayed out of the property, but didn't hang around to wait for the police to show up. I was done before 9:45a with about 5hrs of driving remaining to get me home...

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