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Wed, Apr 17, 2019
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I was only home in San Jose for a few days before heading back down to Southern California for what would be my 4th weekend in a row there. This time I was going to watch my son run for Marquette in the Mt. Sac track meet. As usual, I planned to do some peakbagging along the way and after the meet. After a little over 5hrs of driving, I arrived at the Soledad Pass area off SR14, sandwiched between the San Gabriel Mtns and the Sierra Pelona. I was a bit distressed to find that I could barely walk when I got out of the car and would be struggling even more before I was done. My right leg had become downright uncooperative, reason unknown. I didn't injure it in any obvious manner and was a bit surprised to find it so. I walked a total of maybe two miles at a cripplingly slow pace as I was unable to support my weight on the one leg, kinda wishing I had a pair of trekking poles to help me. There were about a dozen summits in the area I'd hoped to visit in the long afternoon, but only managed to do the easiest seven of these, three of them drive-ups. The ones I didn't do were all less than a mile in length, but my leg got no better with the little exercise I got, so I gave up. I did have fun driving the jeep around on a bunch of Edison service roads, no limping there. Might have to find some more drive-ups for tomorrow...


hightinerary comments on 04/18/19:
I suspect back tightness.

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