Peak 4,490ft P900

Nov 11, 2014
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This was a short outing of less than two hours, an easy hike to the summit of an unnamed "almost" P1K (980ft of prominence) between Victorville and Barstow in the Mojave Desert. I had hiked extensively all over the area between I-15, SR18 and SR247, with only this last summit remaining with more than 900ft of prominence. The area is home to scattered inholdings among mostly BLM lands, a large OHV area covering much of it though I've rarely seen many vehicles here. Today's outing would take less than 2hrs and cover less than five miles. The terrain here is sparsely vegetated and easy cross-country travel, the summit approachable from any angle. I chose to ascend first to Pt. 4,043ft and then climb the SW Ridge to the top, circling NW to Ritz BM before dropping down once again to where I'd parked at the Interstate exit. The sun was rising over the Mojave as I made my way to Pt. 4,0434ft, low clouds/fog stretching over portions of Apple Valley to the south where it had crept in overnight through Cajon Pass from the LA Basin. It was a pleasnant hike up one ridge and down a second one. There are two summits of nearly equal height shown with the same closed contour level on the topo map. I visited both, neither obviously higher than the other, finding no register at either location. At Ritz BM I found the benchmark and a small geocache container that had been left sometime in 2011. I was back to my starting point before 9a. With more than six hours of driving to get home to San Jose, this was all I managed to do on the day. Not a big day by any standard, but a fun way to spend a few hours in the morning...

Anonymous comments on 11/19/14:
Bob, if you took 5 home, how looked Harris Ranch, if you noticed? Were the feedlots further north full as usual?
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