Peak 4,571ft

Sun, Feb 27, 2022
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This is a pretty forgettable summit. On the last day of an extended roadtrip, I was at the base of the Tehachapi Mtns on the east side, a few miles west of the town of Mojave. I had planned a longer hike along the PCT to an unnamed summit above 6,000ft, but came to find there was more snow than I had expected from a brief, but cold storm that swept across the area a few days earlier. Instead, I decided on a very short hike to a summit that has been nearly mined from existence. Peak 4,571ft is now about 170ft lower and no longer anywhere near 300ft of prominence. I went up cross-country from the north off Oak Creek Rd (there's a PCT dirt parking lot nearby that one can sleep at undisturbed, btw), a steep slope with good footing. It was easy enough to avoid the unstable slopes of loose dirt and rock and find my way to the current highpoint at the 4,400-foot level. The quarry sits among the largest wind turbine farm in the state, so along with the bulldozed earth in the immediate vicinity, there are views of turbines on three sides. The whole episode was done in less than half an hour, so there's that, at least. Time to drive home...

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