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May 25, 2020
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Peak 8,180ft can be found on the western end of the Kern Plateau in the Southern Sierra. It's located about a mile west of Poison Meadow and can be accessed from the Cherry Hill Rd or via spur Forest Service roads. There isn't anything special about the peak that I can ascertain. I was on my way home after a roadtrip in the area and it was one of the few remaining ones I hadn't done. The easier drive and harder approach is from Cherry Hill Rd on the northeast side of the summit, about half a mile and 850ft of gain. The lesser forest roads require high-clearance to reach within about half a mile on the west side but less than 200ft of gain. I chose the easier hike because I could, and the driving was enjoyable in the jeep. The topo map shows road 23S418 getting even closer to the summit, but that spur has been abandoned and is now blocked by downfall. The hike was an easy one, first along the old road, then cross-country, traversing around the north side of a lower point to a saddle between the two, then on to the rocky highpoint. I spent all of 20min making my way to the summit with partial views around the forested west side of the Kern Plateau. After leaving a register, I was back to the jeep before 7:30a, about as early a quitting time as I can remember. Not even enough of a workout to need a shower before the long drive home...

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