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Sun, Jul 13, 2014

With: Michele DiGiuseppe

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Peak 8,901ft lies on the Nevada side of the Tahoe Rim, roughly halfway between Genoa Peak and Kingsbury Grade Summit. With more than 400ft of prominence, it provides fine views of the Lake Tahoe region to the west as well as the Carson Valley to the east. While in the area for a family reunion, my sister expressed an interest in joining me for a morning hike. With a one-way distance of less than 2mi and just under 1,000ft of gain, it seemed a good candidate. I knew there was no road or trail leading to the summit, so there was some uncertainty on how brushy the route might be, something I knew sis was not overly fond of.

It was a short drive from where we were staying in Stateline off SR207 up the road to just shy of the Kingsbury Grade summit, and then north on Benjamin Drive to the trailhead. There are a number of OHV roads running through the area and we managed a short distance up one of these before parking the van (with high-clearance one can drive to within 1/5mi of the summit to make a very short outing of it). From where we parked we headed up an older, unused section of road before soon coming upon a regular maintained one. I led us off in the wrong direction for a few hundred feet before correcting the mistake, Michele kindly withholding the derisive comment the situation might have called for. We followed the dusty road for about a mile before peeling off for the cross-country portion. The initial portion of this was through the forest understory and fairly easy, but the last section broke into more open country with more brush on the western slope we ascended. I took a meandering path to get through the brush as easily as possible, but I could sense Michele's displeasure as she followed a short distance behind me. Wearing sneakers and shorts, she was not as protected as I in my boots and long pants. It didn't help that there as a false summit coming up the way we did, the true summit another 100yds or so further upslope. With only a small amount of complaining, we made our way to the base of the rocky outcrop that comprises the top of Peak 8,901ft. Though technically easy for your standard peakbagger, the somewhat loose talus and boulders were another small cause for concern, but with careful attention and deliberately cautious moves, she managed to join me at the summit shortly before 8a. We took a short break here to rest while I took photos of the surrounding scenery. Spying the OHV road high on the west side that we had missed on the way up, we made use of it to avoid some of the brush during the descent. This proved more satisfactory, making for an easier return. In all we spent just about two hours on the outing, getting us back to the house as the rest of the family were eating breakfast and making plans for the rest of the day...


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