Rocky Flats

Thu, Jul 20, 2006

With: Ryan Burd
Jim Burd

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This is certainly the weakest "highpoint" I have sought out, and a very good reason why other climbers have a tendency to make fun of highpointers. Broomfield is the smallest county in the state of Colorado which otherwise boasts some fine highpoints. Not so for Broomfield. The highpoint is at the rural intersection of CO 128 and Indiana Street, though by the looks of things it will soon be suburbia and tilt-up commercial buildings. My brother Jim who lives in Colorado (and the reason I was there in the first place) along with my son Ryan joined me for this drive-up farce. We stopped the car long enough to get out for a photo (there was a short discussion on whether one needs to actually get out of the car for it to count - no concensus on that one), and then continued on our way. Even the "summit" photo was lame. My most embarassing moment of my highpointing career.

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