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Apr 11, 2015
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Having completed the SDC list some years ago, I've been slowly collecting a number of other summits that had once graced that Sierra Club compilation but were replaced over the years by others considered more worthy. Potrero Peak, located in the south-central part of San Diego County near the Mexican border, is one such peak. It lies in a section of rolling, chaparral-covered hills that characterize this part of the county along SR94. The easiest route appears to be from the east via an unofficial trail barely a mile in length. The starting point is off Round Potrero Rd where a No Trespassing sign has been posted by the County of San Diego (the upper part of the mountain is on BLM land, but the lower part appears to be county property). The trail was in good condition with only mild brush encroachment, with nice views overlooking the surrounding countryside. The trail leads up and over a false summit before continuing a short distance to the highpoint. A 10-foot 2x4 emplanted among the summit rocks marks the top. Gail Hanna placed a register here in 2004 and since then some 12 pages have been completed by visitors including many of the usual San Diego suspects - Richard Carey, Terry Flood, John Strauch and Paul Freiman with the notable absence of Mark Adrian. The views take in much of the surrounding terrain on two sides of the international border to the south. The mexican town of Tecate, a sprawling community that dwarfs the US town of the same name just across the fence, dominates the view in that direction. Tecate Peak rises prominently to the southwest with Otay Mtn further west. Cuyamaca Peak can be see rising to the north across a vast stretch of the Cleveland National Forest. The hike is rather easy, in all taking about an hour. Because the drive from San Diego is a longish one, it would probably best be done with other summits in the area, such as Tecate Peak, Little Tecate Peak or Hauser Mtn. I needed to get back to San Diego to drive the family back to San Jose this afternoon so it would be the only peak I managed today. Though not difficult, it was a nice rural hike that would leave a pleasant taste as I left this part of the state, enticing me for future returns...

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