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Sun, Jul 11, 1993
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later climbed Fri, Aug 3, 2001

Returning from a trip to Mammoth Lakes with friends (condo camping at its finest), we decided to stop for an afternoon in Tuolumne Meadows on our way home to San Jose. This was my first hike in Tuolumne, though I had driven through several times. My companions were interested in a hike down to Glen Aulin which seemed a bit tame for my liking. So I joined them as far as the turnoff to Young Lakes and then told them I'd meet them back at the car later in the afternoon. Striking out on my own, I headed toward Young Lakes but then veered off when I espied the impressive spine of Ragged Peak to the east. The spine, running north-south, forms the South Ridge of Ragged Peak. The cross-country travel in this area is very easy, and I enjoyed the class 2 slabs that climbed progressively higher on the west side. The last couple hundred feet were a bit more exciting, though nothing more than class 2. Still, for my first cross-country adventure it felt exhilarating.

I climbed up on to the spine and found myself atop a long knife-edge (but one with little exposure). I found that the summit was still some ways to the north, but the going looked like far too much for my novice scrambling skills. Still, I was elated to have gotten up to the ridge where I took in the impressive views of Tuolumne Meadows to the south. I descended the east side and headed off to the southeast where I eventually ran across the trail. This I took back to the car, where I met the others, and we then headed home.

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