Red Mountain P500

Sun, May 29, 2022

With: Jackie Burd

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Jackie was visiting Mom and I in San Diego this weekend. She wanted to get a hike in with Dad, but nothing strenuous. She's a bit out of shape by her own admission, mostly focusing on finishing up school this quarter. While Mom went to have lunch with a friend, Jackie and I headed north on I-15 to Red Mountain, in the hills between Fallbrook and Temecula. We used a route from the south described by Robert Luher on PB, a short hiking total a mile and a quarter for the round trip, with a little over 500ft of gain.

The route is on private property owned by the water company that manages nearby Red Mtn Reservoir. There is a chain across the access road on Reservoir Rd, signed for No Trespassing. Hiking west, there is a second chain across the road, similarly signed, with homes just to the left of the road. Just past this second chain, there is an old, rutted, and overgrown road that forks right and switchbacks its way up the south side of the mountain. A use t rail of sorts can be found most of the way, making for light bushwhacking. The old road ends about 100ft below the summit, but the cross-country is easy enough. At the summit, there are several fenced telecom installations. The highpoint appears to be outside the fences, between two of the fenced areas. We walked around the summit area, took a photo and headed back down, taking about 40min for the whole effort.

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