Spring Ridge

Fri, May 5, 2017

With: Steve Sywyk
Tom McClaughry

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Following our night hike in the Gilroy area, we were all a bit sleep deprived in the morning, but still kept to our customary Friday Picnic Hike™, this time heading to Windy Space OSP in Portola Valley in San Mateo County. I had in mind an easy visit to a silly LoJ summit called Spring Ridge, a short distance from the trail that ascends from our TH in Portola Valley to the Windy Hill summit atop the crest of the Santa Cruz Mtns. As luck would have it and the name suggests, it was rather windy today and chilly, unlike the mini heatwave that had kept temps high in the earlier part of the week. We found the "summit" of Spring Ridge covered in towering oak trees above a grass understory, and just below the highpoint was a fallen oak giant that proved an excellent picnic/seating area as well as a superb windbreak. We spent almost two hours there enjoying a few bottles of wine, some select picnic snacks and discussing but not solving a great many of the world's problems. Next time we might even go to the top of Windy Hill, provided it's not too windy, of course...

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