Stanley Peak P300

Sun, Dec 24, 2017

With: Jackie Burd

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Stanley Peak is the highest legal point within Daley Ranch, a city park on the north side of Escondido. Burnt Mtn, on the northwest side of the park, is a few hundred feet higher but within a closed area. While staying at Grandma's in Rancho Bernardo, Jackie and I headed to the park for a few hours in the afternoon to get some exercise and pay the summit a visit. We parked at the southern trailhead at the end of La Honda Drive and did a six-mile loop, first visiting the Ranch House in the center of the park before making our way to Stanley Peak. The park is quite popular and we found the trails busy, but had the top to ourselves for the fifteen minutes we spent there. It was a bit warm when we started, in the upper 70s, but had cooled nicely to the 60s before we returned. I had a few other short hikes in mind to add to this, but we were squeezed for time and needed to get back to Grandma's for Christmas Eve dinner. Mmmmm...

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