Sulphur Springs Mountain South P300

May 25, 2023
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I was heading out for a few days of peakbagging in the North Bay counties, starting with Solano County. Jackie and I had visited a few peaks in the area in the beginning of the month, but had left a private property one due to exposure to view from Lake Hermon Road. Today, I figured I could wait out evening rush hour traffic and do this as a night hike before finding a place to sleep for the night. The moon was several days short of half moon and would be of little help, but the city lights reflecting off the low clouds above would prove sufficient lighting, no headlamp needed. Kerry Breen had posted a GPX track on PB that started across the road from a home which seemed a little risky, so I started another 1,000ft up the road at a small turnout. There is a barbed-wire fence to go over or through, then steep grassy slopes all the way up. The wind was blowing strongly and rather chilly, so I was bundled with a few extra jackets that I would shed as I warmed up. Though the grass was only as high as my ankles for most of the way, it was impossible to see the ground. All I could see under the low lighting was the grass moving in waves with the wind, a very surreal experience that felt like the whole earth was swirling around me - not unlike a pretty good drug trip. High on the ridge there is another fence to cross, and after passing under a transmission line, I picked up a good dirt road that leads to the small telecom installations that occupy the summit. The lights of Vallejo could be seen to the west, Pittsburg to the southeast. Low clouds blowing in from the Bay obscurred the night sky. I took a few crappy photos and beat a retreat before the wind got the better of me. When I got back to the Jeep, I did a quick tick check using the headlights, happy to find none. I would end up driving another half hour or so to the Potrero Hills at Suisun Marsh where I planned to hike the next morning. It was nearly 11p before I would have my bed ready and hit the sack...


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