Tumey Hills North 2x P300
Tumey Hills HP 2x P300

Tue, Mar 16, 2021

With: Eric Smith

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Tumey Hills North previously climbed Mon, Mar 10, 2014

Eric was in town visiting and the boys wanted to do an overnight camping trip. I suggested the Tumey Hills on the east side of the Diablo Range. It's a very dry part of the range, described by the BLM as California's westernmost desert region. It is characterized by grass and low scrubs, not a tree to be found anywhere, thanks to the rain shadow effect cast by the higher peaks in the range to the west. The area is a mix of BLM and private ranch lands, cows having dominion over both. We picked a mid-week day to avoid the shooters and other weekenders that visit the range this time of year, happy to find we had the entire place to ourselves. I'd last been to the Tumey Hills seven years earlier, tagging the two summits listed on LoJ. While Tom and Steve were chatting away at our camp, Eric and I took an hour to drive into the hills for the views and to tag a few summits. I got to enjoy driving the Jeep around on the various ranch roads, labeled T1 - T7 by the BLM. Some of the sections are very steep where I used 4WD. None of them needed 4-Low. The ground was damp from a recent weak storm, enough to keep the dust down but not enough to form mud. I had gotten into some dangerous mud in the nearby Panoche Hills a few months earlier, so was glad to find conditions far better today. We visited Tumey Hills North first, a drive-up. We then drove to Tumey Hills HP, requiring a short hike taking all of a minute. On our way back, we visited Tumey BM, found on PB, a questionable summit I had missed on that first visit. The skies were exceptionally clear following the rains, giving us views of the Diablo Range in three directions and east across the Central Valley.

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