Mt. Umunhum 3x P500 CC / NN

Mar 29, 2018

With: Jackie Burd

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previously climbed Nov 7, 2017
later climbed Jul 9, 2023

Jackie and I had a free morning before driving Mom to the airport, so I took her up to Mt. Umunhum, utilizing the 4mi trail from the Bald Mtn parking lot down the road. It was a sunny, warm day in the Santa Clara Valley, though a breeze helped keep it somewhat cool. The trail was in good condition, mostly dry now from the rains earlier in the month. Portions of the trail and the concrete tower were closed off. They have erected a scaffolding on one side of the structure to facilitate work to remove lead-bearing paint and to apply an anti-graffiti coating. The two workers we saw were decked in haz-mat suits. The rest of the summit area was open to the public and aside from some of the usual haze, the views were pretty good with the surrounding hills as green as they will be this year. We spent about 3hrs on the 8mi effort with something like 1,700ft of gain, a good workout for the morning.

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