Mt. Umunhum 4x P500 CC / NN

Sun, Jul 9, 2023
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previously climbed Thu, Mar 29, 2018

I had quit my 5-day Sierra roadtrip after only the second day, my body having taken a beating on that second day, not particularly grueling, just more than I'd been used to. I took a day off and then hit the trails again for a sporting climb of Mt. Umunhum from Hicks Rd, a 16mi, 3,000-foot effort that kept me busy for almost five and half hours. The weather was wonderfully cooperative, lingering fog for the first several hours, then clearing with temps in the upper 60s. On the Woods Trail and Barlow Rd, making up the first half of the route, I had the place to myself. Once on the Mt. Umunhum Trail, it was a different matter, quite popular on a Sunday morning. A fine day.

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