Vasquez Rocks 2x

Tue, Dec 26, 2017

With: Jim Burd
Jackie Burd
Ryan Burd
Jake Dagg

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previously climbed Thu, Mar 9, 2017

The extended family had gathered in Santa Clarita at my sister's home for Christmas as has become custom and I thought it might be fun to see if any of them would be interested in doing some rappel practice at Vasquez Rocks, the iconic film location about 30min away. We didn't get a large response, but we had nephew Jake joining Ryan, Jackie and brother Jim for a few hours' fun. We parked in the large lot south of the main rock, then climbed the feature from that side up steep, sloping slabs to the highpoint. There are three bolts located near the top, but there are no hangers attached, rendering them useless for our purposes. Instead, we used three cams in a convenient crack at the highest point to build an anchor to which we attached a 50m rope. The rappel dropped down in three stages, the last with a 20-foot overhang that provided a fun bit of free rappeling. We did not get as much rappel work in as I had expected, mostly because each rappel requires the main rock to be reclimbed, and though not all that high, the effort to reach it would take it's toll. Jake in particular was pretty winded after climbing it a third time. Jackie got the most raps in with four and seemed to enjoy it the most. The two moms had initially started the climb up to the top but turned back when as it grew progressively steeper, eventually choosing to watch from the roadway below. Only later did they remark that it made them considerably nervous watching their children engage in what looks like risky behavior. That feeling never seems to fade, even as we watch them grow into adults...

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