Yerba BM 2x P300

Jun 29, 2023
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previously climbed Mar 20, 2014

This was a bit of a bust. I was perusing the peakbagger app and stumbled upon a PB-only "summit" that is the San Jose city highpoint. It is located in the Diablo foothills on the eastern boundary of the city, part of an exclusive residential development called The Villages. The point is well away from any development and looks to be reasonably accessible from Joseph Grant Park to the north. My plan was to make a 10mi outing of it starting from Quimby Rd. It was scheduled to be a warm day, so I got an early start before 7a. Things went nicely according to plan for about an hour, following a powerline road in the park up to the crest of a long, north-south ridge, anchored on one side by Yerba BM and the other by Mt. Misery, with the city highpoint somewhere in-between. I paused at the overlook bench and picnic table atop Yerba BM before continuing south to the park boundary. Here I left the trail system to continue on the ridge heading south. In late June the grasses have long gone to seed and I was finding myself picking up an unacceptable amount of seeds and stickers. At the boundary fence I took a hard look at the additional quarter mile or so of cross-country to reach the ranch road on the other side and decided it wasn't worth it. In hindsight, it seems I could have stayed on trails and ranch roads to get around this bit of cross-country, but I didn't know this at the time. I went back to the trail, spent about 20min removing stickers from my socks and boots, then retreated back the way I'd come. I'll try this again at a future date...

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